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Sunday Pre-Conference Workshops

NEW FOR 2024! Pre-Conference Workshops are now included with all full conference registrations. 
Pre-Conference Workshops are half-day learning sessions that take place prior to the Fiber Connect Conference on Sunday, July 28 from 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM.

Join colleagues and experts for an opportunity to discuss important and timely topics in depth. These thought-provoking sessions will provide you with the information you need across these multiple important topics:

Fiber Broadband Toolkit

This workshop is designed for those thinking about deploying a fiber broadband network and for those that have just started building. Attendees can expect to get a 360-degree view of what it takes to deploy fiber. This workshop provides answers from some of the best in the industry; attendees will walk away feeling more ready than ever to deploy connectivity in their communities. Fiber deployment is so much more than just laying fiber. From understanding legal and regulatory policies to funding options to launching the end user installations, it’s a complicated process that can be stressful—especially for newcomers to the industry. Session topics: 

Community Broadband: Muni, Cooperative, Utility Broadband Flex Their Reach

These sessions are designed to address the opportunities, challenges, and stakes for municipal and utility broadband operators as each look to address unmet needs in specific markets, leverage fiber broadband to extend traditional services, and impact communities on which they are an integral part. Session topics: